Between 200 and 500 million people around the world use meditation to calm their minds and bodies. Meditation is based on techniques that were developed by Buddhists in India around 500 BCE. Since its inception, various cultures and religions have developed their meditation techniques while incorporating traditional ones. 

Crystals are a great way to help you find your inner balance. These sparkling and colorful stones hold high vibrations and ancient energy. While there are countless types, there are some that are better suited for meditation. 

If you want to learn how to meditate with crystals, this article is for you. This blog will discuss the best crystals for meditation. Unlock new avenues in your practice as you tap into the potential meditation crystals have to offer. 

Clear Quartz

Using clear quartz during your meditation practice can supercharge your intentions. Another term for this crystal is “Master Healer.” Clear quartz is a great choice if you’re learning how to meditate with crystals. 

The stone connects directly to your crown chakra, promoting your spiritual awareness and enhancing your psychic abilities. You can program clear quartz to manifest your intentions. Other benefits of using this crystal include:

  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Amplifying thought and energy 
  • Balancing your emotional, mental, and physical health

Hold the crystal as you meditate. Focus on setting your intention while clearing your mind. 

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a craggy, black stone that is imbued with raw volcanic energy. The goal of this stone is to keep negative energies at bay by covering you with a cloak of protection. Black tourmaline is a grounding stone that helps you stay grounded regardless of your current mood. 

This crystal clears the following from your mind:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Negative thoughts

Black tourmaline is helpful for those with low self-esteem. Meditating with the crystal can aid you in overcoming negative thoughts. 

While you can hold a black tourmaline while you meditate, another option is to create a circle of it around you during your practice. Having the stones encircle you will form a protective barrier. It can shield you from your mobile device’s electromagnetic energy. 


Flourite is a versatile crystal. While it comes in many colors, the rainbow shade is one of the most popular. Some of the meditation benefits you can experience with this vibrant stone include:

  • Balancing the body’s energies
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Promotes positivity

The stone transmits a calming energy that makes it the perfect companion for the next time you meditate. 


Selenite is another crystal that’s connected to the crown chakra. A few things this stone promotes include:

  • Harmony
  • Serenity
  • Inner peace

Meditating with selenite helps you gain better clarity of mind. Your awareness will expand as you become more in tune with your surroundings and yourself. 

Rose Quartz

A pale pink stone, rose quartz embodies pure loving energy. The stone is designed to be heart healing as it’s connected to the heart chakra. Rose quartz assists you with connecting to your feelings of:

  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion
  • Unconditional love

If you’re struggling to love yourself and open up, you might want to consider meditating with rose quartz. The calming rose-hued stone will help you feel at peace and full of love while you meditate. 

Smokey Quartz

Have you been feeling vulnerable to negative energy? Smokey quartz is a great option if you’ve been feeling unsettled. This grey-colored crystal can provide you with the following things:

  • Lift your mood
  • Remove fear
  • Dispel negative energy

Smokey quartz is connected to your root chakra, making it a grounding stone. You’ll feel more calm and centered when you decide to meditate with this stone. Use it to balance your life if you’re feeling overwhelmed. 


In addition to being the birthstone for February, amethyst is a calming stone that’s ideal for any meditation session. The lilac and purple crystal is connected to your crown chakra. High vibrations enable you to tune in with your higher self. 

Amethyst will work great in practice when you can’t quiet your mind or you’re feeling anxious. Instead of holding the amethyst in your hand, place it on your forehead. Meditate while lying flat on your back so the stone stays firmly planted on your head. 


While it may be small, citrine is packed full of sunshine and positive energy. Citrine is a bringer of good fortune and positive vibes. 

Meditating with citrine is perfect on days when you feel like you’re carrying a heavy weight. The stone will lift your heart and help guide you back to a place full of joy. 


Ametrine combines both citrine and amethyst to make a powerful yellow and purple crystal. This naturally occurring gemstone helps heal the following:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul

This crystal brings a sense of calm to your body and mind while meditating. You’ll release tension and stress from your head, allowing you to focus more on your practice. Meditating with ametrine can encourage your decision-making processes and stimulate your creativity. 


If you’re looking for a stone that looks like pure magic, look no further than labradorite. The crystal features swirls of blue and silver, creating a shimmery hue that’s unique. 

Labradorite will protect you from negative thinking with its high vibrations. It’s a mesmerizing meditation tool that correlates with your soul star chakra. Visualize and recognize your destiny with the help of labradorite during meditation. 

Rest the crystal on your third eye while you meditate. Your third eye is located right above the junction of your eyebrows. Place the stone in that spot in the middle of your forehead to access its powers. 

Find the Best Crystals for Meditation

Take your sessions to the next level by purchasing some of the best crystals for meditation. No matter what stone you choose, you’re guaranteed to be more focused while meditating. Calm your mind and achieve a healthy mind by using crystals the next time you meditate. 

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