In astrology, retrograde planets bring chaos and can halt progress toward your dreams and goals. So, it may be a little scary to learn that there are 6 planets in retrograde currently.

Luckily, these chaotic and stilted effects do not have to throw a wrench in your plans. Use this guide to learn how to harness the benefits of retrogrades and deal with their downsides with savasana yoga and other meditative practices.

1. Jupiter

Jupiter, the Planet of Wisdom and Prosperity, will be in retrograde in Taurus from September 4 to December 30 this year.

October’s eclipse season will begin on October 14, bringing about a time of extra charge. Aries/Libra eclipses, in particular, will affect how certain signs express independence outside their relationships.

Which Signs Are Affected?

All signs will be affected by Jupiter in retrograde, but Fixed signs more than others. Fixed signs include earthly Tauruses, generous Leos, loyal Scorpios, adventurous Sagittariuses, self-reliant Aquarians, and creative Pisces.

Positives to highlight during Jupiter’s retrograde in Taurus are closer connections with loved ones and an emphasis on dreams. This is also the perfect time to learn about areas that need improvement.

On the other hand, moving too quickly during Jupiter’s retrograde could result in rash decisions. Instead, focus on making subtle progress by re-evaluating your goals in alignment with your authentic inner self.

2. Pluto

Pluto, the Planet of Karma and Fate, will be in retrograde from May 1 to October 10 this year. The planet began its retrograde in Aquarius from May 1 to June 11 before entering its retrograde in Capricorn from June 11 to October 10.

Which Signs Are Affected?

Capricorn, Cancer, Aires, and Libra will be affected by Pluto’s retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn. The planet’s retrograde in Capricorn will also impact Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.

This is the time for transformation. Optimistically, transformation can mean growing past the mistakes of previous years and making changes to promote healthy emotions.

Transformation can also bring about anxiety. Some may miss the opportunity for change due to fear or judgment. But if you follow your intuition, you can overcome these fears and harness transformative growth.

3. Saturn

Saturn, the Planet of Justice and Discipline, will be in retrograde in Pisces for the first time in 27 years from June 17 to November 4.

Uniquely, Saturn’s retrograde effects start small. Over this period, they will build to their strongest point during October and the beginning of November.

Which Signs Are Affected?

Saturn’s retrograde will affect the Mutable signs this year. Mutable signs are Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Gemini. Of course, Pisces will be most impacted by Saturn’s effects.

When it isn’t in retrograde, Saturn can enable these signs to achieve their goals. During Saturn’s retrograde, you may feel stalled in your efforts to change your outer world.

Take this opportunity to refocus on your inner life. Re-evaluate the strategies you are using to achieve your dreams. Question everything during this time, and do not forget to acknowledge any prior progress made toward your goals.

4. Neptune

Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, Dreams, and Fantasies, will be in retrograde in Pisces from June 30 to December 6 this year.

From October 29 to November 7, Venus in Virgo will clash with Neptune in Pisces. This time will bring difficult realizations in relationships, both platonic and romantic. Lean into this period to see others’ true colors, but stay guarded.

Which Signs Are Affected?

All signs will be affected by Neptune’s retrograde, Pisces most of all. Experts recommend taking this time to practice self-care through yoga and meditation, as well as mindfulness and journaling.

On the plus side, Neptune retrograde in Pisces will diminish brain fog and promote clarity. Neptune’s retrograde is the perfect time to give your goals a reality check, stop daydreaming, and take action.

However, many signs may feel limited to their intuition. These limits make carefully thinking through any decisions made during this time crucial. Do this, and you can harness emotional benefits like creativity and self-awareness.

5. Chiron

Chiron, the Planet of Strength and Healing, actually isn’t one of the types of planets. Instead, it is also known as a planetoid or comet.

Even though Chiron is lesser-known, its retrograde has a profound impact. This year, the comet will be in retrograde in Aries from July 23 to December 6.

Which Signs Are Affected?

Aries is the sign most affected by Chiron’s retrograde. However, anyone born with Chiron in Aries will experience a return. This time will bring about great spiritual lessons as long as you are ready to face your inner traumas.

Chiron is sometimes called the Therapist of the Cosmos. It is the wounded healer whose job is to use pain to drive intensive transformations. Ultimately, Chiron’s retrograde offers time for collective and individual healing.

On the downside, this can also be a time for immense anger. Chiron’s retrograde teaches us not to fear this emotion. Instead, we can harness constructive anger to empower us to make internal change.

6. Uranus

Uranus, the Planet of Awakening, Change, and Surprise, will be in retrograde in Taurus from August 28 to January 27.

The effects of Uranus’ retrograde will be felt the most on November 11 and November 13. On November 11, Mars will be in Scorpio, causing volatile and reactive emotions. November 13 will feature the New Moon in Scorpio, which will promote freedom from stagnant romantic and platonic relationships.

Which Signs Are Affected?

Uranus’ retrograde in Taurus will mostly affect Fixed signs. Fixed signs include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Taurus signs will feel the biggest impact from this retrograde.

Bad news first: These signs will encounter significant hurdles to their progress. These hurdles may be external or internal (detachment or distraction). It is crucial to practice self-love during this time and avoid a deficit mindset.

Instead of using negative self-talk, leverage curiosity. Dig deep into why you are feeling detached or distracted. You may discover new insights about your processes.

Savasana Yoga Restores Calm When These 6 Planets Are in Retrograde

Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, and Uranus are all in retrograde. Avoid the chaos these times bring by focusing on your internal self. You can do that by practicing better self-care and self-love.

Are you searching for a way to combat the effects of these 6 planets in retrograde? Savasana yoga is a restorative technique for relaxation during these chaotic times.

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